My blogging journey resumes

I had a blog that I used relatively frequently four or five years ago. I used it for a very different purpose, to share my reflections as a Computer Scientist and a Head of Faculty. A number of things have led me to resume my blogging journey over the last few months and so here it is – my reflections as a Learner, a Teacher and a Leader. My intention in writing these blogs is purely to give me an opportunity to reflect and share my views on events, discussions and topics that matter to me in my role as Assistant Principal at a great school in Northamptonshire.

I spent some time over the Easter holidays thinking about the words Learner Teacher Leader and the order they should appear in. For me, Learner comes first and foremost out of that trio, and must continue to do so for my entire career as if we can’t continue to refine, improve and get better for our students we are not doing them justice.

Thanks for joining me on my (resuming) blogging journey!


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